Return of Lord Ram

September 30, 2020

We have all seen a very glorious date in history, the 5th of August, 2020.

I believe our generation is one of the luckiest generations to witness many many things.
I am sharing my thoughts on the return of Indias soul, Lord Shri Ram back to his original throne in Ayodhya.
India, an unfinished story…

Lord Rama can be simply described as a man who displays perfect moral as well as social behaviour.
Lord Rama, in the words of Swami Vivekananda, is “the embodiment of truth, of morality, the ideal son, the ideal husband and above all, the ideal king”. He is a symbol of the victory of right over evil.
Lord Rama characterizes how a man should fulfill his moral commitments and should strictly follow his limits so that social order can be maintained. It is precisely due to this fact, he is known as “Marayada Puroshattam” or “The man of limits”.

We Bharatvasis, have been facing so many foreign attacks by monotheistic religions for many centuries. All the foreign invaders tried hard to completely destroy our motherland by killing the very soul of our country in so many ways, be it by destroying our temples and erecting mosques or
churches in the same place, corrupting our history books, maligning Hindus or Portraying our gods in a bad light, we have seen it all but still our ancestors have stood the ground and fought very hard.

We got our independence…which I feel went more like a Anna Hazare style where most of corrupt brown sepoy managed to portray themselves as saints and thus managed to capture our country once again politically. At the same time all real patriots have not only been side-lined but they also
jailed, made villains or disappeared.
In 1947 few good politicians tried building both the Somnath and Ram temple. Where the devotees have managed to rebuild Lord Ram’s Aaradhya “Shivas” temple successfully in Somnath, Lord Ram himself decided to wait and finish the unfinished business before he came back to his own throne in Ayodhya once again.

All the corrupt and breaking India forces had once again started with their unfinished business and that is to divide the Indian society based on caste, creed, culture and language so they could keep looting India. They also tried burning our country many times. And then 1992 happened, a movement in the name of Lord Ram where all patriots came together and started demanding the temple.
But it seems it was not the right time too, but just a beginning. It was a time when Bharat once again started seeing all sorts of bad things be it bomb blasts, corruption, loot, breaking India forces were getting stronger and what not. They did it for more than 70 years.

Now it’s the time when the Shree Ram Janmabhoomi Temple is gonna be built and the foundation stone will be laid on 5th of August and here we are
Many Looters are behind the Bars, Corrupt are either been caught or hiding, Hypocrites are getting exposed day and night, Brown Sepoys are been discredited out in the open, No propaganda seems to be working, Stooges have been left with no face value be it the Media baron, So called Celebrities or social influencers, Dividing-India-forces are being caught and taught a lesson, Terrorists are being shot witnessing instant Karma, Security forces are getting stronger, Our foreign Enemies are left with
begging bowls and their futures are already looking so dark be it China or Pakistan. A strong and honest Leader is leading Bharat. People from All walks of life be it caste, class, creed, Culture, Location, Local, Foreigner, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, neighbouring countries, south eastern countries are standing together and united in the Name of Lord Ram…

I have often heard this saying but now I understand its true meaning and its very rightly said “Hoi wahi jo ram rachi rakha”.
I must say this that for the corrupts it’s gonna be a hard time ahead and for our Motherland it’s The beginning of a new era, an ERA WITH GLORY.
I cant help but smile writing this and am really happy that Lord Ram is coming back home, the Soul of Bharat is returning back to its body, Raja Ram “an Indian Unifier” is returning back to Ayodhya.
Jay Shree Ram Friends.

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