A Threat to Hinduism

August 2, 2020

As said by Sita Ram Goel in his book Christianism was the first to make itself felt forcefully at the onset of the British
rule in India.
One of the main fundamentals of Christianism in India is the sacred task of the Christian Church to complete the mission of St. Thomas and see to it that India becomes a Christian country, once and for all; and That no
Hindu, even if he follows the Ten Commandments in letter and spirit and lives by the Sermon on the Mount, can ever hope to escape eternal hell-fire unless he has been baptised in a Christian church and administered
the Christian sacraments.
These tenets have their source in the Christian religion which also, like Islam, is an extremely exclusive religion.
When the Portuguese seized Goa and adjoining territories the Catholic Church lost no time in setting up an Inquisition for the benefit of native converts who were likely to recant or relax in their faith. Francis Xavier,
whom the Catholic Church hails as the Patron Saint of the East, expressed deep satisfaction at the sight of six thousand dead Indians whom the Portuguese had slaughtered. He also made forcible conversions, demolished
Hindu temples, smashed Hindu idols.
If you have seen my video on Konark sun temple I have clearly explained how the British stole and took away our magnificent artifacts to their country. Similarly, the stolen deities video also explains how so many
precious idols from India are stolen and kept in many museums in western countries.
Most of the time you won’t find any difference to what Britishers and Portuguese have done in Goa decades ago. You might remember “Goa acquisition”, I will make a video on it in the future.
They broke many temples and converted them to churches, built many missionary schools, occupies land and made new churches, forced people to accept their gods, killed and crucified the non believers etc these frauds are still on the same mission with different tactics.

  • Here is the state of some of the holiest hindu shrines current status: look at the no. of churches surrounding the temples?
  • Look at how the temples have been converted into Churches.

India has been continuously attacked by both Islamist Mughals and Christians (Portuguese, British and French) for 150-200 years and it has not only defended itself but also defeated them brutally in the past. They both have “generally speaking” always had a common goal and that goal is to wipe OUT Hinduism. To do so they have Crucified, Murdered, Burnt millions and I mean Millions of Hindus, Converted thousands of temples into churches across India and are also occupying much of the land that in India, that todays church groups are one of the richest land holders of India.

We defeated them and got our so called farcical aazadi where they just changed their tactics but their motto has always remained the same that is to bleed India and the christening of India. This time their masters “all foreign mercenaries” are working from behind the curtain be it the British,
Portuguese or the Romans.
What did we as a country do after getting independence from them? Instead of focusing on Hindu community (the majority and then persecuted community) Indian state government gave them benefits, leverages, rewarded them, gave them a fake minority status and what not for the last 75 years.
What happened then? Many shocking things happened in these last 75 years of independence. What they couldn’t do when they were officially ruling India till 1947, they have managed to do it after independence.
According to the report as per CSGC (centre for the study of global Christianity), by the year 2000, there were almost 6000 missionary agencies around the world which sent about 5 lac missionaries to foreign countries for conducting these ds and conversions by misleading people about their roots and brainwashing them. Most of these fraud’ missionaries are directed to India as their prime target for many decades. They are so active in many parts of India that within a few years they have managed to change the complete demography, in many cases with the help of Indian government. If you look at the census data you will be shocked to see their increase in nos between the period of 2001-2011.

  • Nagaland (80% increased to 90%) – in 1951, it was 52%, In the same period, the Hindu
    population in Nagaland has declined from 14% to 7%
  • Manipur (34% increased to 41%) – in 1961, it was 19%
  • Arunachal Pradesh (18% increased to 30%) – in 1971, it was less than 1%
  • Meghalaya (70% increased to 75%)

At the same time if you look at the Hindu population of these states which has decreased severely since most of the tribal Hindus are being converted. Only 40 years ago in Manipur alone the Hindu, christain ratio was 60 and 20 which has risen to 41% now, almost equal.

Why India:

If you look at one of the missionary fraud websites called Joshua Project based in the USA, they highlight that India has the most ethnic group of the least followers of evangelical Christianity. Their data which shows more than 1 billion followers of Hinduism located in a single country and found to be divided by caste etc and can be an easy prey for them to misguide them and take an advantage.
One other fraud missionary agency called “Mission India” mentions that their mission is to transform the community in India by planting churches. They even state that they started small from Kerala but now they are present in 24 states and will be unstoppable.

After reading several documents/Portals it’s been revealed to us that the main reason why they are flourishing in India and making India their main target is because they have been provided full support by India’s many national and regional political parties and politicians. Some of them support these frauds out in the open and criticise Hindus day and night and some of them are under special care and underground by hiding behind Hindu names.
You can see the reaction of some of these conversion mafia available everywhere on the internet about the vile attack on some politicians and party and cry support for some specific party. I saw a video of a pastor where he is claiming that the old ruling party was good as they were providing full support to take gospel in every village in India.

How do they convert:

They convert most of the people by fooling them or showing them a fake so-called miracle. So many fake Pastors have been appointed directly by the Vatican for this purpose where they go to gullible or poor Hindu tribes and misguide them, brainwash them and convert them, not only that they also
indulge in shaming, abusing Hindu culture, traditions and their Hindu gods and goddesses.

Many times they invite these poor Hindus to fake stage shows where they are made to believe that their suffering would end if they start believing their god. They go to any extent:

  • They have been found doing practices where their own members act as if he is possessed by something and then a fraud pastor shows his power and acts as if he cured him and ended their suffering.
  • In many cases they even claimed that they have cured cancer, liver, Kidney, broken backbone in patients just by acting. And this is how they fool 100 other people standing right there in the hall
  • One lady claimed that she lost her hair and became bald and the pastor treated her within a second and her hair grew back.

There is a very sophisticated operation in place by the evangelical groups, with a clear target for souls, marketing campaigns, mass prayers and fraudulent healing meetings. Evidence is available in plenty of videos on YouTube, social media, press reports, and on the ground.

Their sole purpose is to become majority to control India politically by hook or by crook. Christian Missionaries abuse Hindu deities and ask ppl to accept Jesus.

What we should do:

This large-scale conversion by illegal means is happening in many places and the impact is clearly visible on the ground. When people complain about the same, some apologists ask where the written complaint is, witness and what not. The law needs to be enforced by the police independent of the complaints. Law agencies need to be stricter with punishing them whenever one is found indulged in this activity. The Government of India urgently needs to implement pan-India ban
approaching anyone for conversion religious preaching in public places and make it mandatory to register faith conversions to ensure the government has the proper data and monitoring them well.

What should we as a society do?

  • We should all come together and spread awareness about these frauds specially to our future generation by all means.
  • Talk to your relatives, family members and close one about the same and request them to do the same.
  • Create an FB page, Twitter account, Instagram account to spread the awareness and stop people getting trapped by this mafia.

Please spread awareness and share my article and video as much as you can.

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